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Le Gibus

If youre looking for a good club and a fun time I highly recommend le Gibus, whether you like Drum n' Bass, reggae, trance, rock, Punk, or hardcore. Don't worry about busting your balls to get in, its casual, which is another nice aspect of this great club. Le Gibus is open every night and has a different themes Throughout the week, for example trance night which I highly recommend, mainly because its free and Fun, which is another plus to "Le Gibus" the fact that you will never pay more than 100 francs (with a drink) to get in.

Well I hope this has been an educational article and I'll see you there at "Le Gibus" 18 rue Due Faubours du temple 75011 Paris Metro: Republique or check the website out: www.parissi.com/party/club/gibus.htm


If you're sick of the habitual Friday nights at the movies or parties till dawn or simply feel like experiencing something slightly different then "Paris Roller" has the thing for you. Every Friday night about 2000 people meet and do a "Paris by night" on roller blades from 10PM-1am. They begin at place d' Italie and go all around Paris passing next to me some of the most beautiful monuments that this city has to offer. These monuments include the Eiffel tower, les Invalides, Notre Dame and many more. During this tour you have a chance to socialise with all the other roller skaters there in an enjoyable environment you are also accompanied by many policemen on roller blades, ambulances in case of emergencies and many more staff members to stop all traffic on your way. If you are not a very good skater then I would recommend the "Rollers et Coquillages" which is a more leisurely fair on Sunday from 2:30-5:30PM. This tour meets at 37 bd Bairdon and goes and a much slower and enjoyable pace but ofcourse the sights are not the same! For more info about this Sunday roller blading fair call For the Friday night fair simply meet at 4C Avenue d'Italie at about 9:45PM and don't forget, both of these activities are totally free and very safe too! Have Fun!