Shan Cai (Tsukushi Makino) - A poor but tough girl.
Played by: Barbie Hsu Hsi-Huan a.k.a Big S
D.O.B.: October 6,1976
Height/Weight: 163cm/43~45kg Xtra!!.....the elder member of female musical duo, ASOS, a famous TV presenter in the Taiwan entertainment industry.

Dao Ming Sze (Tusukasa Dom Yo Ji) A spoilt, obnoxious, short-tempered big bully guy who is actually sweet on the inside. Played by: Jerry Yen Cheng-Hsu D.O.B.: January 1, 1977 Height/Weight: 180cm/72kg Xtra!!.....was a part-time model, won Taiwanese Magazine Men's Uno Model competition in 1998, starred in many commercials, love collecting sunglasses.
Ximen (Sojiro Nishikado) - A playboy with a romantic heart.
Played by: Ken Zhu Xiao Tien
D.O.B.: January 15,1978
Height/Weight: 180cm/70kg Xtra!!.....born in Taiwan but raised in Singapore for 8 years, attended Bukit Merah Primary and Boon Lay Secondary, worked as a cook at a restaurant.

Mei Zuo (Akira Mimasaka) - A sly and playful guy who valued friendships.
Played by: Vanness Wu Jian Hau
D.O.B.: August 7, 1979
Height/Weight: 180cm/72kg Xtra!! American-born Chinese who was named after a road name in his hometown; LA, parents separated, been in the entertainment industry since 13 with his ex-band; LA Boyz, entered Super Sunday's YMCA segment (a male talent contest cum pageant), love collecting Japanese stuff.

Hua Ze Lei ( Rui Hanazawa) - A dreamer, quiet, gloomy but sharp-minded guy.
Played by: Vic Zhou Yu-Min a.k.a. Zai Zai
D.O.B.: June 9, 1981
Height/Weight: 180cm/66kg Xtra!!.....a mechanical engineering student at a Taiwanese Technical Institute, love collecting artistic stuff.
Michelle joined Big S and F4 as the main casts in MG2.

Ye Sha Fun - loving filled with positive vibe.
Played by: Michelle Alicia Saram
D.O.B.: December 12, 1974
Height/Weight: Xtra!!.....she's a chinese-indian parentage (her mom is chinese while her dad is indian), she does not have a chinese name but she uses her mom's surname in the chinese showbiz, she's a singaporean.


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