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Using the power and reach of its modern media resource, the ABS-CBN Foundation brings television into the classroom to bring the Filipino child to the 21st century with dignity, values, and pride in his heritage.


  1. Its programs, Sine'skwela, Bayani, Hirayamanawari, and Math-Tinik were made mandatory by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports in all public elementary schools nationwide. A first in the history of Philippine television!

  2. All shows are accompanied by the exclusive Parent-Teacher Manuals so that parents and teachers can now use televsion in the upbringing of their children. The manuals are distributed free of charge.

  3. Introduction of ETV VHS Tapes in the market. A compilation of the best episodes in 52 volumes sold at cost to public schools. Retail outlets are SM Toy Kingdom, National Bookstores and Goodwill Bookstores.

  4. A total of P30,000,000 was raised in support of ETV. Translates to 4,622 television monitors delivered to public schools in 16 provinces and 52 cities.

  5. P25 million pledged by Metro Manila mayors alone to purchase TV monitors for public schools in their respective localities.

  6. Formation of the Operations and Logistics Department to ensure efficient turn-over of television monitors and delivery of Parent-Teacher manuals in 16 provinces and 52 cities.

  7. Staging of the first convemtion of Principals where 750 principals from Metro Manila pledged support to the ETV program of the ABS-CBN Foundation.

  8. University of the Philippines Institute of Science and Math Education Director Milagros Ibe reports her findings on four studies made on Sine'skwela, Hirayamanawari and Bayani:

    • Sine'skwela enhances elementary school science teaching and learning.

    • Pupils watching Sine'skwela generally scored higher in exams than those who were not exposed to Sine'skwela.

    • The study suggests that exposure to Sine'skwela enhances pupil's ability to understand written language.

    • The positive effects of Sine'skwela noted in mid-year evaluation are sustained in the year-end evaluation.

    • Sine'skwela continues to effect better learning in science by pupils who were exposed to the program.

    • The year end evaluation confirms that pupils exposed to Sine'skwela are better at using process skills like:
      1. Observing
      2. Classifying
      3. Comparing
      4. Interpreting
      5. Identifying
      6. Inferring

    • The episodes in Hirayamanawari and Bayani present many varied opportunities for teaching values. The pupils liked the episodes.

    • Students' interest is heightened when the episodes are made the subject of assignments given by the teachers.

    • The classes were highly animated when the lesson was on Hirayamanawari and Bayani.

    • The children appeared very interested in the lessons and they appeared confident.

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