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Now a mandatory viewing requirement among all public grade-schoolers nationwide by the Department of Education, the Foundation's top rating, multi-awarded science education program SINE'SKWELA (School on Air), has been airing daily since 1994. With the help of attractive visuals, the program assists science teachers in classroom instruction and is the elementary school pupil's passport to the 21st century.

Click here to view a larger version Sine'skwela helps develop in children a scientific value-oriented attitude that will make them productive and innovative citizens. Its chief aim is to enhance children's comprehension and academic performance in Science and develop a strong Filipino science culture that is necessary for national development.

A monitoring and research component ascertains that the program responds to the felt needs of both teachers and students. By materializing and reinforcing a dynamic science culture, the Foundation is able to contribute to national growth.

Click here to view a larger version The Foundation has donated thousands of cable-ready color TV monitors to schools nationwide and continues to tap the generosity of philanthropists and government officials to install a TV set in every school. By year 2000, it is estimated that every public elementary school will have access to millions of pesos worth of science audiovisual materials through educational TV.

For accuracy of scientific facts and appropriateness of materials used in the program, experts from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Department of Science and Technology and UP Institute of Science and Mathematics Education are regularly consulted.

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