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Bayani Logo Flush with the success of Sine'skwela and determined to help mold Filipino children with a healthy appreciation for his heritage and pride in his country, people and culture, AFI convinced DECS to fully support its plan to mount two more half-hour shows. The result: Bayani (Hero) and Hirayamanawari (Let the Imagination Soar) a Memorandum of Agreement was also signed between DECS and AFI making the show mandatory viewing like Sine'skwela.

Click here to view a larger version Bayani is in response to the observation that many Filipinos acutely lack a sense of history, a trait that produces a generally negative self-image. A survey also revealed that Filipino children preferred becoming other nationalities and knew little about the heroism and greatness of their own race.

The show therefore set out to make viewers aged 7 to 12 years old:

  • aware of the qualities that make a hero
  • discover the heroic qualities of one's self
  • see that heroism ignites change in one's self , in the community and in the nation as a whole and
  • proud of their ancestry

Further, the program also makes the child:

  • understand what constitutes the Filipino people
  • aware of the people, the ideas and events that helped and continue to help mold the Filipino personality.

The colorful and well-researched Bayani supplements the DECS curriculum for such subjects as Sibika (Civics) and Kasaysayan (History). Like Sine'skwela, the shows were made mandatory viewing material for children in the Philippine public grade school system.

The expert help of noted historians, educators and child psychologists complement the program's stable of researchers, writers and artists who endeavor to produce a show that is best described as:

  • historically accurate
  • thoroughly engaging and
  • child-friendly

Click here to view a larger version "There is a hero in each of us" is the underlying message in every episode which is presented through a fascinating time-warp technique that transports children to the very scene of heroic re-enactment in Philippine history. The method is a perfect complement to teachers, specially in poorer communities, who have for years endured the scarcity of exciting illustrations and visual aids to support history lessons.

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