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(*Let the Imagination Soar)

Hirayamanawari Logo The colorful thirty minute program teaches values to children in the elementary grades through the dramatization of original stories and adaptations of Filipino folklore and well-known tales. Each episode is designed to captivate the young viewer's imagination by using elements of fantasy even as it illustrates the importance of a particular value. Given its orientation and intention the show serves as a supplement to the values education program of the DECS and is widely used as a visual tool in the classroom to peddle values.

The anthology depicts a wide range of values such as:

  • self discipline
  • responsibility
  • peace
  • love
  • respect
  • courage

These main values are further defined to focus on a particular aspect of the value e.g. an episode on peace may specifically tackle the resolution of conflicts within the family.

Since its inception and the airing of its first episode in October 1995, storylines and concepts for the program have undergone a rigorous review process, aimed at successfully combining entertainment with values education. A Creative Committee critiques all storylines, sequence treatments and script drafts, evaluating the material on the following:

  • basic story elements
  • the clear and concrete illustration of the value
  • production capability

The groups also check the material for elements that may inadvertently feature "taboos" in children's entertainment such as toilet humor, sex, violence and discrimination.

Dr. Lourdes "Honey" Carandang, regarded as the Philippines' premier child psychologist, serves as a consultant to the Committee. Her work and experience in child development are an invaluable contribution to the Committee's as well as the writers' understanding of a young audience's needs and perspectives.

To sustain the interest and attention of children viewers, the production team employs techniques that cover a vast range of artistic and electronic wizardry which can only be achieved through a costly investment of high technology, state of the art equipment and the harnessing of the most creative imaginations in the industry.

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