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Math Tinik Logo For two consecutive years, Filipino children have ranked among the lowest in the International Assessment of Educational Achievement (IAEA), an international aptitude test for both Science and Math. The results reflect the sad truth that Math is taught inefficiently in Filipino schools. It also demonstrates that most teachers don't know how to teach Math properly. The result: most children grow up to be afraid of numbers. They do not like Math and deliberately avoid pursuing any career path that requires facility in numbers and high numerical literacy. The common impression about Mathematics is that it is a boring subject. Worse, that it is difficult.

Consultants for Math Tinik believe that these common attitudes stem from the fact that the average Filipino child does not have even a primordial understanding of Math. This is the result of poor teaching, it is noted. And because children don't know the significance of Math in their daily lives, they grow up nurturing an animosity for anything which has to do with numerical abilities.

Click here to view a larger version Math Tinik hopes to hone children to appreciate and enjoy Math, to make children aware that Math is important and it is inevitably and inextricably connected to daily life, to prove that Math can be an enjoyable experience and that the subject can be easy...

During consultative meetings with the Math experts like Zenaida Geronimo (BSE-DECS), Cornelia Soto (Ateneo Grade School), Minerva dela Paz (UP-IS), Aurora Zuņiga (UP-IS), Soledad Ulep (UP-ISMED) and Dr. Milagros Ibe (UP College of Education), it was collectively agreed that the program will tackle topics which are known to be the Filipino child's weakest points - the basic operations, fractions, decimals, money, geometry, statistics and introductory algebra.

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