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When its operations resumed in 1986 following the restoration of democracy ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation sought to revive its position as a key player in the social service circuit by harnessing television for the purpose.

It aired Bahay Kalinga daily, dispensing succor and counseling to the needy and linking donor to prospective donees. Shortly after, as a strategic segment of the landmark television program TV Patrol, Lingkod Bayan spun off into a similar genre. To avoid duplication, the slot occupied by Bahay Kalinga was soon given to the production of an educational program by ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. (AFI).

There was no question that a show on science education was to be the network's initial foray into educational television.

  Science was a subject where Filipinos were weak in. Click here to view a larger version
An international survey conducted by IAEA ranked the Philippines poorly in science education.  
Click here to view a larger version Science was inextricably linked to the economic productivity of a nation.

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